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3 signs your pallet distributor is taking you for a ride!

3 signs your pallet distributor is taking you for a ride!

Once you’ve chosen a pallet distribution company, it can be tempting to stick with them for years and even decades. As any business owner knows, there is a certain peace of mind that comes with working with a haulage partner that knows you and your stock.  After all, relationships are what make the business world go around.

The problem is that many pallet distributors know this, and consequently take their existing customers for granted. The result is that you, the client, don’t always get the best service – despite your loyalty.

If you suspect you might fall into this category, we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t stand for it. Here are three signs your current provider is taking you for a ride:

1)    A “that’ll do” approach to deliveries

Many hauliers won’t take freight to a place where it can easily be unloaded. Indeed, for some depots ‘kerbside delivery’ means precisely that – they dump goods on the kerbside and just leave the customer to get on with it. In contrast, any decent driver will take the freight as close to the unloading or storage area as they possibly can, within reason.

2)    Off-the-shelf packages

Your pallet delivery company should be flexible. By that we mean it should offer a series of tailored solutions that meet your particular needs, whether you’re looking for timed or specific day deliveries, or even weekend and outside-standard-hours deliveries. Reputable providers offer tail-lift and booking-in requests at no extra cost. If your current haulier’s range of options seems limited in comparison, then it’s time to ask questions.

3)    Uncompetitive pricing

This is a common complaint amongst long-serving clients of some haulage firms. If you think you are being short-changed then it might be a sign that you should finally look elsewhere. One way to keep delivery costs to a minimum is to use a pallet distribution network such as Pall-Ex. Click here for more information on the benefits of using a pallet network.


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"We have been using Aaron Logistics since October 2014. Prior to using them we used to spend a lot of time going back and forth from suppliers regarding any customer queries. This process often took up a lot of time and made customers unhappy. Now, using Aaron Logistics, we speak to one person and can give our customers the answers to any delivery queries very quickly, which has really improved our customer service.

Having more control over deliveries ensures our customers are looked after. The process of booking deliveries onto the Solitaire system is very quick and simple and using the tracking facility means the customer can keep an eye on their deliveries."

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